Tax Whacking Vigilante or Register of Deeds?

Quite, Unassuming Register of Deeds by Day…

Higher Taxes… are as sure as the sun coming up tomorrow. Right?
TAXES GOING UP AND UP are all we have ever known. We’ve been
conditioned, by experience, to believe that nothing, or no one, can
do a single thing about it. “Its inevitable, right?”
Mmm, not so fast…
If you are like most people, there’s so much going on in your lives
that local politics barely even registers a “blip” on your day-to-day
(Queue “BIG YAWN” here)
“Ain’t nobody got no time for dat!”

Tax Squashing, Vigilante SuperHero 24/7

Its for this reason I’ll assume that you’re not even aware that
you have an “under-cover, tax assassin” already working for you.
Don’t believe me?
When was the last time you heard of an elected government employee
who reduced their department’s budget from the year before?
How about LAST YEAR, AND EVERY YEAR, for the last SEVEN YEARS?
Go ahead… think about it.  I’ll Wait.
Yeah. Thought so.
Well, that’s exactly what this “Tax-Slashing Vigilante”
has done, EVERY YEAR, for the last SEVEN years!
“I know, right? That’s UNHEARD OF.  Who could do such a thing?”
Heather DAWBARN is just like you and me. Except, she’s got a secret.
She looks like an ordinary citizen, property owner, wife and mother. She’s
pinched pennies to stretch her family’s budget like every one else.
But, just like the lab accident that turned Bruce Banner into the
Incredible Hulk, something snapped in Heather’s head…
she realized that saving money… fiscal efficiency,
jazzes her like nothing else!
Making a difference in other’s lives’ has always been a priority for her,
but when confronted with governmental budgetary waste, she flips
from a quite, unassuming “Mom-next-door” into a
“churning, burning, tornado of FURY.”
PASSION doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it. Lemme tell ya…
Since elected to the office of Register of Deeds in 2010, Heather has
saved Rutherford county 100s of thousands of dollars. Heather’s
improvements in efficiency have been recognized, honored, emulated
and imitated across other Rutherford county departments, including
Chancery Court, Circuit Civil & General Court, Juvenile Court,
County Clerk, Sheriff, Trustee, Property Assessor, Archives and Budget
and Finance Offices.
Even the Rutherford County Historical Society and the Tennessee State
Library are learning, implementing and benefiting from Heather’s
Wait a minute. Slow down… let all that sink in…
A government employee who…
1) Not only turns in a lower budgetary requirement for her OWN
   department every year (for the last SEVEN years), but ALSO
2) Works to help OTHER government departments save money,
   cut budgets and improve efficiency. WITHOUT asking for a penny
   in extra salary, or spending 1000s of dollars in consulting fees.
3 All from the relatively OBSCURE office of “Register of Deeds.”
(Queue the TWILIGHT ZONE theme)
(I don’t understand it either… she’s just a freak of nature, I guess.)
Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… but we’ve already asked, and living
in the WHITEHOUSE doesn’t float her boat.  She’s too down-home for that.
Heather DOES want to finish the work she started at the Register of Deed’s office.
You see, she’s identified a couple more projects that will save
SO MUCH MONEY, that it will insure her legacy as the Register of Deeds
who cared the most, made the biggest impact, and touched more lives
than any other before her, setting an example for all government
employees to emulate… both locally & nationally… for now & the future.
For a full record of Heather’s accomplishments as Register of Deeds,
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Click Here
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Or Not.
Details may not be your thing.
But what really MATTERS are these TWO THINGS…
     (Pronounced “AH,” with a “DUH” slapped on the front,
     and “BARN,” as in “the original garage, for your horse,”)
Do it to keep Rutherford County taxes from going up.
Do it to keep a smile on your neighbor’s face.
Do it because, well, because it just makes sense.
Have a great rest of your day, and God Bless!
Friends of the Register of Deeds Office & Proud Rutherford County Resident.
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        as I do (No matter WHAT side of the isle you land on),
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